About Prelam

Since Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen launched their air care company in 1999, they have been dedicated to helping consumers tackle the age old problem of bathroom odor. With a combined 40 years of entrepreneurial experience, the two businessmen succeeded in establishing their company with air fresheners such as Funky Monkey, Aromatherapy and Eclipse.

In 2004, on a quest for innovation, Luc approached Don with a tiny bottle of toilet odour neutralizer and asks his partner to try this product. Sceptical at first, Don follows Luc’s advice and realized the product’s enormous potential. Quickly, the two businessmen met and spent hours developing the product, its artwork and what marketing tactics they would use. The toilet odour eliminator Just’a Drop was born from their hard work and fierce passion.

Our Moncton headquarters houses a chemistry lab, bottling facility and products are distributed across Canada and internationally. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional products to the end user, our customers.

Since the launch of Just’a Drop in 2004, more and more ostomy patients were coming forward looking for a safe alternative to use in their ostomy pouches. Research and development of Just’a Drop Ostomy began in 2010 and was officially launched in 2012 after meeting Health Canada regulations.

The Prelam Team

Our team includes in house chemist, graphic and web designers, all under the supervision of Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen, Prelam’s owners and oparators since 1999. Responsible for research and development of our various products, our team of experts make our brand’s quality their top priority to give you the best service.

Luc Jalbert: Vice President/Co-Founder – lucjalbert@prelam.com
(506)857-0499 ext. 2222

Don Goguen: President/Co-Founder – dongoguen@prelam.com

Guy Malenfant: Sales Director – guymalenfant@prelam.com
(506)859-8117 ext. 104

Shaun Abbass: Plant Manager – shaunabbass@prelam.com

Zoumana Sanou: Plant Engineer – zoumana@prelam.com

Ricardo Jaco: Logistic Coordinator – shipping@prelam.com
(506)857-0499 ext. 2225

Leo Miller: R&D Chemist – leomiller@prelam.com
(506)857-0499 ext. 2227

Ryan Richard: R&D Chemist – ryanrichard@prelam.com
(506)857-0499 ext. 2229

Tammy Donaher: Graphic Designer/Marketing/Administraton – tammydonaher@prelam.com
(506)857-0499 ext. 2224

Élodie Vigneau: Multimedia Designer and Marketing – elodievigneau@prelam.com
(506)857-0499 ext. 2223